What is Divorce Recovery?

After divorce, many men find themselves unable to cope, particularly in cases where their wives left them which, by the way, is statistically proven to be close to 80% of the case in divorces. Some are angry, some are depressed, some are fearful, and many are all of the above and more. Contrary to the popular macho myth, many men, just like many women, want and need to recover from the emotional fallout. Hence, the need for a divorce recovery program and one tailored exclusively to men by a divorced man.

The Problem

The problem men face when searching for help is that they simply cannot find anything actionable. Something practical that they can grasp and use to take action and get on the road to recovery.

This is precisely how Yoel felt after his divorce following 18 years of marriage. The “gurus” were offering fluffy observations such as “Ponder your future” and “Consider your priorities” and other intangible, fluffy nonsense that had no practical value.

Yoel’s Solution

Yoel decided to do something about this problem and developed his own method for recovering from his divorce.  Combining personal development actions and rigorous therapy with a proper therapist who fit Yoel’s needs, Yoel was able to turn his life around and get on the road to recovery in a quick and effective manner.

Yoel’s method was so successful that others, even married men and women, began noticing. Yoel began receiving messages from men and even women he inspired and was encouraged to share his method with others

It was then that Yoel decided to write a book which he published on Amazon  outlining his method so that other men could benefit from what he learned in his own divorce recovery.

From there, Yoel began receiving requests for personal coaching and mentoring, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Benefits of Divorce Recovery Mentoring and Coaching

Here are some benefits to men getting mentoring and coaching on divorce recovery:

  • Gaining empowerment to lift themselves up and start recovering from divorce;
  • Receiving actionable insights that can be applied instantly and effectively;
  • Being held accountable to stay consistent and motivated;
  • Mindset shifts to completely change one’s attitude to life and begin actually living life again;
  • Understanding their part in the marriage’s failure (not blame) so that they grow from their mistakes;
  • Being a better boyfriend/husband/lover;
  • Getting out of depression and anxiety;
  • Getting in shape;
  • Understanding their own personal power and unlocking it with proper guidance;
  • Building their confidence back up;
  • Taking away their focus on their ex and putting it back on themselves where it belongs;
  • Being amazing dads;
  • Having someone besides a therapist who listens and relates from personal experience; and
  • Much more!