Yoel Farkas is a personal development mentor and coach to men, empowering men across the globe to take action to improve their lives quickly and effectively. Yoel is unique in that he practises what he “preaches”, reinventing himself following his divorce after 18 years of marriage. Yoel has written extensively for news media and is the author of 2 books on personal development for both married and divorced men. 

Yoel is the author of Recover From Your Divorce in 4 Steps. The No-Fluff Guide for Men By A Divorced Man.

He is also the author of How To Be A Winning Man In Your Marriage

Yoel holds a law degree from Ontario, Canada as well as Israel and founded law firms in both Canada and Israel. Yoel is also the author of the Ontario Small Claims Court Handbook.

Yoel is originally from Toronto, Canada and now resides in Jerusalem, Israel with his 5 children and cat, Rosey.